“Wow, the knowledge in this store is amazing! They aren’t out to make a buck, they are there to truly help you find what you need for your dog! A+”
– Sherri Webster

“CAT AND DOG LOVERS CENTRAL! The only place to shop for you furry friends. Everyone at Family Dog Naturals is highly knowledgeable on food, supplements, daily care, etc.. They go out of their way to assist you in finding the right items for your animal(s) to live healthy and happy lives. You will find a huge selection of natural products at great prices..Don’t waste time going to the box stores or online. Grab you fur babies, visit Family Dog Naturals and don’t miss the walls covered in pics of happy furry customers.”
– Tiffani Stinson

“I have been coming to Family Dog Naturals since they first opened in Leland. This is a true family owned local business who cares about their customer (both two legged and four legged) as well as the community. No surprise they have won the North Brunswick Chambers Business of the year twice in the last five years! They also provide tremendous support to local animal charities. I highly recommend them for your dogs and cats food, remedies and supplies!”
– Josh London

“They go way beyond being helpful and kind! They get to know you and your animals. They give so much back to our community. Our world is better because they are in it! Thanks for all you do!”
– Nancy Freyberg

“Love this place. It’s where I get dog food. Clean prompt, very friendly. If they don’t have your food they will get it for you quickly. They make sure to only have the best of everything.”
– Ross Pitman

“I drive from Ogden to Leland to buy pet food. Yes – these guys are so knowledgeable about pet nutrition that it’s worth the drive. If my dog has any issues – from fear of fireworks/thunderstorms to a weak stomach they have a suggestion and so far what they suggest has been spot on.”
– Sue Rachunok

“Always friendly. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. Lots of choices for your furry buddies.”
– Robert Sanders

“Like alot of the B.F. village collective, neighborhood vibe, but moreso actually perfect in that lighting – particularly (by having absolutely friendliest ambience, time-saving experience), also improvement finding better quality food and supplements, affecting actual health, easing said cost of maintenance, careload expenses, etc.; basically improving living quality of my aging animals; keeping them active, able, even playful each and every day! Even during this holiday season: “gift socks” available during check out at the cash register! ASK FOR THEM!”
– Justin Jeffrey

“Great great much helpful info for pets. Love them n their passion for dogs n cats”
– Sharon Calla

“Great place, great customer service with food and treats you want your dog to have.”
– Michael Zalvin

“This is the absolute best pet food store I’ve ever been to. They are so friendly and helpful and greet you by name. They have helped me try to find a food for my cat with kidney disease and have even given me free samples before buying a bag of cat food to see if my cat would eat it. This saved me a lot of money. The prescription diet recommended by my vet does not work; my cat won’t eat it. They have high quality food here and very good prices. Skip the chain stores that don’t care about you. These guys treat you like family.”
– Lore DeLaire

“Everyone who works here is so knowledgeable about what they do, love coming here for my dog’s food and treats knowing the ingredients are beneficial for them.”
– Olivia Kasdan

“Hands down this is the best pet store in the Leland/Wilmington area. Went in for a “collar of shame” and ended up leaving with not only that but a ton of knowledge, treats and chews. The owner was so friendly, passionate and helpful. Not only did she have just what I was looking for but made some really great recommendations. I love that almost everything (or maybe everything) is healthy for your pet and the prices are competitive – actually some of the food is even cheaper than amazon or chewy. The owner even gave me a complementary bag of food to try my puppy on, which I thought was so nice. You can’t get this kind of service at chain stores. My pup and I will be coming back very soon.”
– MC Santos

“Ever since our first visit to Family Dog Naturals the experience has been awesome! My husband and I were new in town and we just brought home our first baby German Shepard, Jada. The owners are very friendly, knowledgeable and all the staff is very kind too. Whenever we need anything for Jada, even advice, we visit the store with her blush heart because she loves the experience too of course!! Thank you for being there you guys, and for carrying top notch products for or pup!!”
– Erin Lyons

“Betsy and Dave at Family Dog Naturals in Leland are the best. They are kind and compassionate about what they do. Because of them, Elvis’ life was extended by 2 years. He was eating real foods for the past 2 years and his health was never better. Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-bowl is a miracle food and if you don’t know about it, you should check into it. Good food in = good health out. We should all learn from that. I’d also like to recommend Dr. Kerr at Wellspring Holistic Veterinary clinic in Wilmington. He was kind enough to open his office for me on Sunday evening at 8pm to help send Elvis across the rainbow bridge. Not one time did I feel rushed or insignificant. He was patient and kind and compassionate. He could have just sent us to the emergency clinic, but he did not. He also saw us on Saturday morning when he was fully booked to tend to Elvis on an emergency basis. If you have a pet and would like to explore the Chinese medicine/holistic approach to pet health, this is your guy. He also uses western medicine too so it’s not just limited to herbal medicines, but it’s a great alternative approach to good health.”
– Chiaki Ito

“These are some of the nicest people i’ve met. they just sat and talked to me about earth animal and various other products for 30 minutes so that I knew everything there is to know about them. they are letting me try out a powder and oil before purchasing the large product to ensure that both me and my dog like it. I will be coming here often for all of my pets needs! thank you guys heart
– Halle Pugh

“I love this store. I live on a 2nd floor and I couldn’t find a place to deliver dog food to my 2nd floor apartment, and we were running out of places to turn to. Thankfully, my mom asked them at this store if they did delivery, even to a 2nd floor, and they said yes. This store is truly our life saver because Dave delivered the dog food to my apartment earlier today, and said that they will bring it up again any time I need it and reorder more at the store….I would give them more than 5 stars if I could!!!!”
– Melissa Franklin

“If you live in LA, Family Dog Naturals Pet Food Store next to CVS in Brunswick Forrest has premium dog food priced lower than Petsmart & Pet Supermarket. The owner, Betsy, worked for a veterinarian for 15yrs, and she knows her stuff when it comes to pet nutrition and using a wholistic approach to animal care. I’m not a die-hard naturalist when it comes to medical issues, but I do believe that quite often, a natural approach works as well or better than a scientific one. So I’m not kicking my DVM vet to the curb (Dr Christy Redfearn at LaCroix Veterinary Hospital), but I’m definitely turning to Betsy for things like stomach upset, allergies, etc. In fact, my dog has had a stomach bug that I have had trouble resolving on my own, even using probiotics from my vet, but Betsy recommended a $5.99 pint of organic Goats Milk, which has nutrients, probiotics and prebiotics in it, and one serving fixed my dog up. So, in all, for Family Dog Naturals, I give it an A+.”
– Cooper G. Campbell

“I love this place. They are very in tune with what is best with pets and carry all natural products. They have introduced me to Acana Singles Food for my babies, which has worked wonders for them, Dr. goldstein’s HealthNuggets, and Himalayan Dog Chews. They care so much about your animals and what is best for them. I cannot say enough good things about them. Give them a try at least; you will see how much they care.”
– Niki Taylor Harris

“Only a couple of days after hurricane florence I visited family dog naturals because all of my pets food went bad without refridgeration. they didnt have alot in the store because they brought it to their home to keep it fresh, and without hesitation the owners offered to go get what I needed so that my dogs had their food. they genuinely care for their customers and their pets. Amazing store and even better owners. Thank you!”
– Kyle Leigh

“I am SO glad we have Family Dog Naturals in our area. Betsy and Dave truly love pets and their experience and advice have been invaluable to us. The highest quality food, treats and supplements make this a must go place for anyone who loves their pets. I can’t say enough about this wonderful store!”
– Lynne Stamm

“Betsy, the owner is very informative with what to feed my Pit & Doberman puppy. You can tell she cares. Great place to get what your dog needs to live a long and healthy life. Love this place!!! Thanks Beaty!!!!”
– Roxanne Ward Odell

“We adopted our fur baby in December & quickly realized that we are becoming the “parents” that want the best for our Sugar. So happy we stopped by today & got great advice on food. Absolutely amazing place & great customer service!!!! Can’t wait to bring Sugar in soon. P.S Sugar loves her toy Crocodile! Thanks for the samples of food & I can’t wait to try the hypo allergic shampoo.”
– Jamie Danielle McCoy

“Very friendly and helpful.”
– Claudia E. Newton

“Visiting from out of town and so thankful to find this treasure trove! The store was FILLED with healthy, natural goodies – they carry Orijen products! Betsy and Dave were so friendly and helpful. My fur babies and I were taken care of.”
– Devin Kiser

“I can’t thank you enough for all of the time you spent with me on Monday before my long drive with my high-anxiety dog. (The CBD oil you suggested was a miracle)! It is very apparent that you truly care about the animals and place a great deal of emphasis on educating your customers. I live in Northern Virginia but will continue to order from your store because it’s so rare to find stores with such great customer service.”
– Sue Edwards

“My boxer had been having stomach problems for months. The vet told us to give him Pepcid AC every day & if that didn’t work- bloodwork. The owner of Family Dog Naturals suggested goat milk. I didn’t expect a drastic change…but it worked like a charm! My baby feels so much better and loves his goat milk. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for healthier, natural alternatives for their pets.”
– Nicole Marie Cook

“Absolutely love the store. Not only do they have their own animals that they love they truly care about others animals and want the very best for your pets.. The owners are both so very helpful, the only carry the best of foods for our animals and they truly care..Honey loves her new healthy raw diet.. Thank you so much for being so helpful to me when i come in with questions, will be in this morning to pick up more food for both the cats and Honey..”
– Liz Carr

“We’ve been customers of Family Dog Naturals since they first opened and continue to be loyal to their business. Why is that you might ask, well it is pretty simple, we really like Dave and Betsy, they are great people. That being said, not only are they personable, very pleasant and just good all around folks, they truly care about you and your pet(s). Both are extremely knowledgeable on pet nutrition and go that extra mile to help ensure you are getting the correct food for your fur kid(s). It’s always a pleasure to frequent their store and I would highly recommend them to anyone that has fur kids to go see them.”
– David Andress

“Best place in town to get all our needs for our cats and puppy Cricket. No longer have to go all the way into Wilmington! They even special order our cat food for us. Thank you so much for all the advice and great products!”
– Barbara McCall

“Betsy, Dave and everyone at the store is wonderful!! They truly care about your pets and what is best for them. If you haven’t stopped in, please do so.”
– Judi Haft

“I love this place. Dave and Betsy not only know what they are talking about but you can tell they truly care about you and your furry family members! No place better!!”
– Josh London

“Jordan Thomas came in Monday after getting some not so great news about Harley at the vet. The treatment option was extremely expensive and the side effects weren’t ideal. I called Betsy Gurewitz Head and she recommended a liquid supplement to go along with the supplements we already have him on…& today he is getting around like his younger self! He could barely stand, sit, or walk without help 2 days ago! Thank you Betsy for carrying the best products on the market and for knowing what we should use and why!”
– Melissa Martin

“I love this place so much!! The most compassionate staff that are eager to HELP, not sell. They are so knowledgeable and kind! You will not be sorry visiting this place!”
– Cristen Eddins

“Last week I walked into Family dog naturals feeling very sad because I knew that I could not take care of my Labadoodles, Reese and Skippy (due to a serious illness). I explained my situation to David and he was so kind and understanding about my situation and said that he would put an adoption notice on the site.When I walked out of the store I felt so thankful that there are people like David who enjoys helping people. I got a call asking about Skippy, and the family came to see him the next day. After talking to each other,the Olivers’ took Skippy home. The Olivers’ and I have been in touch with one another and I know, for sure, that he is in a good home.(the Olivers’ have a Labadoodle of their own, so they have a playmate and they are doing well) Thank you David for everything and thank you to the Olivers for giving Skippy a good home!”
– Marilyn Simon

“From day 1 of Family Dog Natural being open, our family has been blessed to have David and Betsy and their knowledge to keep our dogs as healthy as we can!!! heart
– Vikki Bautz

“They are the best always makes Tucker feel so special and loved. Betsy helped me with improving Tucker’s lover levels by introducing me to milk thistle.”
– Jill Page Carter

“Love this place. Wonderful natural products for my fur baby and amazing staff. Thank you”
– Kristen Eudy Melvin

“The very best! I miss y’all very much! My boys miss the best treats in town.”
– Julie Treppish

“Great people with great knowledge! They have some great stuff! They also treat my dog like their own!”
– Ron Ratley Jr

“These guys sure know how to help a person out! They are super helpful on giving advice for new puppies and its easy to tell they take pride in their store.”
– Jennifer Davis

“Great local business who offers wonderful products for our little fur friends, unique items, health and wellness and custom made items. Owners are terrific!”
– Sarah Koob

“Amazing and personal customer service!! I send everyone I know who has a dog to this store!! Wonderful people!!”
– Lisa King Dobstaff

“Best pet store for customer service! Recently moved away and I miss supporting their small business. Haven’t found anything since I moved.”
– Kip Schagane

“Great store – great service. Dave & Betsy are friendly and knowledgeable. Especially appreciate all they do for the local rescue organizations.”
– Peggy Durso

“Excellent family operated store. Staff are great and very helpful.”
– Jim Lupton

“Always very helpful and friendly. I can always count on them great team. Thank You!!”
– Valerie A. Jones

“It’s a great store, with wonderful owners, Betsy and David are the best!!!”
– Janet Maisel Stoler

“Amazing product selection, consisting of only things that the owners would give their fur babies!”
– Amanda DeWitt Reynolds

“Truly a beautiful store that has excellent products for your pets. The owners are super friendly and very knowledgeable.”
– Bruce Schwartz

“Amazing staff. Full of knowledge. Highly recommend to anyone in or around the Leland area.”
– Sherri Cote

“Love this store. They are always super friendly & knowledgable. Have great quality products.”
– Crystal Nada

“Excellent people who care about your pup and their health!”
– Teddy Ritter

“Love this place! Owners are helpful and love animals…much more helpful than the big chains, try them!”
– Wendy Irving Mathis

“We love Family Dog Naturals ! A+ staff , knowledge & products!”
– Tess Rizzo

“Friendly, knowledge, and always willing to answer any questions!!!”
– Jennifer LaRue MacAskill

“Went here for first time. Certainly won’t be the last. Lady was beyond pleasant and helpful”
– Jeanne Showers

“Betsy and Dave are so knowledgeable! I love their store”
– Melissa Calhoun

“Love, love, love the owners, their knowledge, & their products.”
– Tanya Denise

“Our dog Connery loves Family Dog Naturals!! The service is awesome!!”
– Toni Melvin Whitaker

“Love, love our local pet store!”
– Grisel Rodriguez DeLoe

“Great store!!!”
– Chris Gillis

“I love this place. They are always super friendly & caring. Their antlers they sell are the only thing I give my dogs for entertainment. They last a long time & don’t upset their stomachs like raw hides do.”
– Crystal Na

“Best pet food store in Wilmington area.”
– Rick Schoch

“Owners are so sweet and helpful. I’m moving but this is one of the places I’ll really miss!”
– Sterling Mann

“I love picking up treats my puppy loves from here.”
– Beth Elrod

“We won’t shop anywhere else. The owners and staff are friendly, knowledgable, and obviously care about their customer and their pets too!”
– Jason Gaver

“David and Betsy are great. Very knowledgeable about natural food.
– Anthony Melfi

“Best pet store I’ve been to, hands down. They both have a vast amount of knowledge of the product and I love that the food as well as flea rapelant isn’t loaded with chemicals. I don’t shop anywhere else.”
– Briana Chesher

“A wonderful place for you and your animals.”
– Rebecca Scaff

“True animal lovers. The owners and staff are very helpfull and knowledgeable. If they dont know they will research for you.”
– Josh Schreiner

“David and Betsy are the best! Very knowledgeable and friendly… recommend them all the time!”
– Rena Giles

“Great selection of pet friendly products and very knowledgeable.”
– Jeff Hilton

“Absolutely love the store and the employees!”
– Elizabeth Carr