One on One Consulting

Your furry friend can’t always communicate their needs especially when something is wrong. But don’t fret.

At Family Dog Naturals we can help.

Whether you have questions about nutrition, your pet’s behavior, or keeping them healthy and well our staff knows what works.

Often we give you samples to see if it’s the right fit for your pet, if it is – great. If not, we usually know something else that works.

We have a wide variety of natural remedies and supplements – we believe wellness starts with nutrition.

We like to see positive changes in your pet and thrive to keep them happy and healthy.

“CAT AND DOG LOVERS CENTRAL! The only place to shop for you furry friends. Everyone at Family Dog Naturals is highly knowledgeable on food, supplements, daily care, etc.. They go out of their way to assist you in finding the right items for your animal(s) to live healthy and happy lives. You will find a huge selection of natural products at great prices..Don’t waste time going to the box stores or online. Grab you fur babies, visit Family Dog Naturals and don’t miss the walls covered in pics of happy furry customers.”
– Tiffani Stinson

“I have been coming to Family Dog Naturals since they first opened in Leland. This is a true family owned local business who cares about their customer (both two legged and four legged) as well as the community. No surprise they have won the North Brunswick Chambers Business of the year twice in the last five years! They also provide tremendous support to local animal charities. I highly recommend them for your dogs and cats food, remedies and supplies!”
– Josh London

“They go way beyond being helpful and kind! They get to know you and your animals. They give so much back to our community. Our world is better because they are in it! Thanks for all you do!”
– Nancy Freyberg

“Love this place. It’s where I get dog food. Clean prompt, very friendly. If they don’t have your food they will get it for you quickly. They make sure to only have the best of everything.”
– Ross Pitman

“I drive from Ogden to Leland to buy pet food. Yes – these guys are so knowledgeable about pet nutrition that it’s worth the drive. If my dog has any issues – from fear of fireworks/thunderstorms to a weak stomach they have a suggestion and so far what they suggest has been spot on.”
– Sue Rachunok