Give Thanks With Your Four-Legged Friend November 22, 2021 – Posted in: cats, dogs, nutrition, wellness

Thanksgiving is almost here! Show your four-legged pal how grateful you are by sharing your Thanksgiving meal with them.

While your pet would probably love a seat at the dinner table, a traditional Thanksgiving meal isn’t suitable for our furry friends. Instead, try making separate portions for your dog or cat that are free from salt, seasonings, oils, and butter.

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas For Your Pet:

  • Cooked turkey meat (plain)
  • Steamed veggies:
    • Carrots
    • Broccoli
    • Green Beans
  • Pureed pumpkin

Foods To Avoid:

  • Fatty foods or scraps such as turkey skin, pan drippings, gravy, and butter. Too much fat can lead to pancreatitis.
  • Sugary treats, like pies or cookies.
  • Never give cooked bones. They can damage and perforate the stomach, esophagus, and intestines.

We hope you and your four-legged friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~Your Friends at Family Dog Naturals