Freshen Doggy Breath Naturally! February 11, 2022 – Posted in: dogs, wellness

Is your dog ready for Valentine’s Day kisses?

If not, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our best tips for freshening bad dog breath:

  1. Feed fat-free plain yogurt to your dog. The probiotic cultures help break down hydrogen sulfide, which is the cause of bad breath.
  2. Add a pinch of parsley or mint to your dog’s food. You can also blend these herbs with water and pour the juice over their food. We recommend 1 tsp of parsley or mint per 20 pounds of body weight. *Make sure parsley is the curly leaf variety!
  3. Pour about a teaspoon of raw organic apple cider vinegar into your dog’s water bowl to help kill the harmful bacteria in your dog’s mouth.
  4. Feed your dog a big carrot or some apple slices to help prevent plaque buildup.
  5. Give a daily probiotic to boost the beneficial bacteria in your dog’s gut and fight the harmful bacteria that lead to bad breath.

With these tips, your pup should be ready for Valentine’s smooches in no time! Stop by the store if you have any questions or would like product recommendations.

~Your Friends at Family Dog Naturals