Dog Food

Show your furry family members you care by putting their nutrition above everything else.

At Family Dog Naturals, we carry a variety of delicious natural foods prepared to keep your pup strong and healthy, including:

Raw & gently-cooked food – These meals are meant to mimic the protein-rich diets dogs would consume in the wild.

They contain fewer additives and are full of natural flavors from real foods.

Our selection of raw foods includes:


Wet food – Canned food has a high-water content, helping pups stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet at the same time. It also has more fat and protein so you can find the right formula to keep your dog healthy and strong. Our selection of wet foods include:


Freeze-dried – Freeze-dried foods offer similar benefits to raw food, but without the extra prep time. It has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and protein necessary for a canine diet. Our selection of freeze-dried foods include:


Dry kibble – Dry food is a popular, cost-effective food that is prepared in a variety of sizes, tastes, and textures. Natural dry food comes in special recipes that can cater to specific breeds, restricted diets, and activity level. Our selection of dry foods include:


Switching to a natural lifestyle doesn’t have to be more expensive, but you can’t put a price on your dog’s health. Nutrition, or a lack thereof, is a direct reflection of your furry friend’s overall energy and well-being. Proper nutrition from natural food, plus vitamins and supplements, is necessary fuel for the body.

Let us help you choose the best food for your companion. Stop by our store in Leland and one of our trained team members will help you look at formula and ingredient information with one-on-one assistance. If you’re looking for a particular food, give Family Dog Naturals a call and we can check our stock. If possible, we are more than happy to stock a bag or two especially for you. Experience the changes in your furry companion’s overall wellness, and let Family Dog Naturals help get you there. We offer a frequent buyer/loyalty program for most all of our foods.