Collars and Training

At Family Dog Naturals we carry a wide selection of collars and leashes fit for any four-legged friend. From fashion to function, you’re sure to find a style for both the tiniest teacups and the burliest breeds.

Our products are made to the highest quality because every dog and cat deserve safety and security while wearing a collar, leash, or harness. Help your furry family member learn basic training and commands, personalize their look to their unique personality, or keep them protected on walks or outdoors. Whichever product you’re looking for, know it was carefully chosen by an experienced team at Family Dog Naturals.


Enjoy choosing from a wide variety of premium collars hand-picked for your pet. Our selection includes everyday collars, training collars, and fashion collars for holidays or special occasions. Depending on your specific needs for training, walking, or identification, you may need:

  • Basic adjustable collar
  • No slip martingale collar
  • Reflective collar
  • Leather collar

Let us help you choose your dog’s accessories based on function, fashion, or both. We guarantee you’ll find the right collar at Family Dog Naturals.


Help your dog master the art of walking on a leash – and don’t let them walk you! We carry top brand leashes that are:

  • Durable nylon
  • Retractable
  • Easy walk or gentle leader

Leashes can look good, too. Family Dog Naturals can help you select a leash that’s a true expression of your four-legged friend’s personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re into walking, hiking, running or more, come find the perfect leash for your active pet.

Harnesses & Training

Some dogs and dog owners prefer harnesses to collars because they decrease pulling and increase comfort. Harnesses are ideal for families with active lifestyles or for training a pup how to properly walk on a leash. Harnesses come with all kinds of features, including:

  • No pull
  • Step in
  • Adjustable
  • Easy walk
  • Vests

Explore the options at Family Dog Naturals and let us help you find the best fit for your furry friend.

Stop by today to shop our large variety of collars, leashes, and harnesses, among other training and safety items and ask about our dog and cat health incentives.