Your furry friend can’t always communicate their needs to you, especially when it comes to their food. But don’t fret. This is where Family Dog Naturals comes in to help. Our pet shop provides everything your cat or dog wishes they could tell you they need. From top-quality food and supplements to leashes, collars, grooming items, bedding, toys, and a great gift selection, Family Dog Naturals is equipped to provide everything you need for a happy and healthy four legged friend.

Doggone good products

Our mission is to support the well-being of your companions, and we believe that total wellness starts with nutrition. Our customers rest assured knowing we carefully and lovingly select what we believe are the best products for a life that thrives. We do not carry any products in our store that we would not feed to our own furry family members.


Wholesome Food

Family Dog Naturals carries a variety of dry, raw, wet, and freeze-dried foods for both cats and dogs. Our team is ready to help you select the best option for your furry family member based on their preferences, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle. Stop by today to see our wide selection and start seeing the positive changes in your furry companion’s health. We offer a frequent buyer/loyalty program for most all of our foods.

Safe chews and treats

All of our consumables are made right here in North America and are easily digestible. Quality treats add variety to your pet’s diet and promote better overall health when used as a training reward or occasional snack. Let our team help you find a safe, natural treat your furry family member is sure to enjoy.

Collars and Leashes

Train your four legged family member in style with one of our collars, leashes, or harnesses fit for any furry friend. Let us help you choose your dog’s accessories based on function, fashion, or both.

We have so many other products for you to discover at Family Dog Naturals.
Stop by our store today and bring your four-legged friend for the ultimate shopping experience.